This site is about sustainable architecture,  passive houses as well as nearly zero energy houses.

Passive House Institute Slovakia (Inštitút pre pasívne domy, IEPD) is an apolitical, voluntary and interest-oriented non-governmental organisation. IEPD has been active since 2005. It´s objective is the multilateral support of passive energy housing, but also of architecture that is versatilely considerate to the environment, and of the sustainable approach in the creation of the environment. It associates physical and juristic persons, protects their interests and promotes their claims.

IEPD has professional capacity to fulfil following functions:

  • promotion of passive houses (further stated as the “PH”) and the support of public education in the field of sustainable architecture (further stated as the “SA”)
  • gathering and providing information sources dealing with PH and SA,
  • the evaluation of the designed or built projects according to the criteria of PH an SA,
  • monitoring of the built projects in the field of PH and SA, publishing exemplary solutions,
  • the supervision of the application of the PH terminology in order to prevent its abuse and incorrect understanding,
  • the support of the usage of environmentally friendly building materials and technologies,
  • the support of the usage of renewable energy resources during the time of building operation.

If you are interested in co-operation with our organisation, please feel free to contact us using e-mail address

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